Personalisation and Mailing

Due to our flexible methods of print, Kendata can offer print products tailored to the individual’s requirements. They can be further enhanced by adding hierarchy or employee codes or even more personal information such as name and address details from supplied data files. We are ISO27001 certified to ensure all of your data is kept strictly confidential and secure at all times, so whether it’s making questions different for each recipient on a survey or individual membership details on membership cards, the possibilities are endless. Kendata will take away the stress by managing the whole process from design & print through to delivering to multiple locations worldwide.


Leading edge and innovative design plays a major role in enabling you to capture your target audience’s attention or ensuring that your required data is captured efficiently and effectively. Our specialised design team have both technical and design expertise which can provide not only user-friendly documents that meet demanding technical specifications but also attractively designed solutions that can reflect and enhance your corporate brand awareness. We firmly believe that this produces a pleasant user experience which is the key to gathering positive feedback in any situation. Our extensive design portfolio covers a wide range of bespoke applications ranging from paper-based products such as questionnaire booklets, MCQ answer sheets, membership mailings and ballot papers through to web design and e-surveys/ballots. Example applications include the following which can be both paper and online:
  • MCQ Answer Sheets
  • Customer Feedback Surveys
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Invite letters for e-surveys
  • Sample Information Reports
  • Hospital Audits
  • Travel Plan Surveys
  • Candidate Registrations
  • Patient Surveys
  • Student Feedback Surveys
  • Ballot Papers
  • Menu Cards
  • Membership mailings with membership cards

  • Plus many more.

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