Electronic Based Solutions

Kendata offers innovative Electronic Based Solutions designed around your requirements. Managing the whole process such as bespoke design, secure invites, on hand support, through to supplying your final data. Whatever your requirements, Kendata can offer the complete solution that delivers accurate results on time.


At Kendata, our experienced web-design team are on hand to work closely with you to turn your ideas into a secure, smart and efficient web-based survey. From single question ballots to producing multiple page complete web-surveys, Kendata has the tools to suit all your needs. With experience across multiple web-design languages we have the ability to implement all ranges of rules and functionalities throughout your web survey. We also have the ability to implement your web-survey in multiple languages including non-standard character-based languages such as Chinese or Telegu and Semitic languages such as Arabic which read right to left.


Kendata has the ability to automate sending invitations to your web-survey through either mailed paper invite letters or secure emails. We can validate the email addresses prior to sending and with a large capacity possible, you can be sure all your clientele will be prompted to complete the web-survey. The invites will be designed and formatted to your request and can be sent in multiple languages if required.
Email invites


Kendata takes pride in building an easy-to-follow web-surveys, however our team will be on hand to assist you should you or your clientele experience difficulties navigating through. In conjunction with the web-survey we can offer an administration panel whereby you can securely log in and have access to all ranges of tools including sending individual emails, survey progress, data download etc. The administration panel is constantly being developed so should you have a separate need we will more than happily tailor this to your requirements.
Data input


Kendata has the capabilities to capture and securely store all different types of data (checkboxes, dropdown lists, comment fields, files etc) from your web-surveys. The data is then exported from our secure databases, bespoke to your request. We have the ability to manipulate the data and produce a file which will provide you with the most user-friendly file dependant on your specific needs, this could be an Excel/CSV text file or detailed graphs within a PDF file.

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